Palabras clave, frases y Calidad vs Cantidad

We must consider the psychology of the phrase… much like a good designer considers the psychology of colours. A classic example of long-tail keyphrase targeting comes from a book called “Search Engine Optimization – An Hour a Day” and it shows the picture of a snake curved into an S with the head at the top of the S and the tail at the bottom of S

– at the head of the snake we have the keyword “snake

– further down we have the keywords “poison snake

– then about half way down we have “poison snake bite

– and at the end of the tail we have “Poison Snake bite Arizona emergency room

Now consider the thoughts of the person who Googles “Snake”… could very well be a kid doing research for school…. that doesn’t really change with “Poison Snake” because it could very well still be a kid doing research for school. Then you have “Snake Bite Arizona”… now we’re getting a little more focused and this could be someone who was bit by a snake while traveling through Arizona and is now worried, wondering if they should see a doctor. Now at the very end we have “Snake bite Arizona emergency room” – this is clearly someone who is suffering of a snake bite and looking for a doctor… they are ready to act.

Search Engine Optimization (Book)

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